6-APB (Benzofury)


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What is 6-APB?

6-APB is an entactogen of the benzofuran class. 6-APB’s effects are extremely similar to those of more popular MDA and MDMA. The main difference is that 6-APB is more sedative and entactogenic. Users also say that 6-APB feels calmer and less chaotic.

Why choose 6-APB over other psychedelics?

- Tends to be purer than MDMA.
- Is one of the most effective psychedelics for treating PTSD
- Doesn’t cause a “bad trip” nearly as often as most other psychedelics
- Is physically safe if you follow the safety guidelines
- Usually doesn’t cause nausea or physical discomfort
- Allows you to have cleaner thoughts than if you were to take magic mushrooms, for example
- Is extremely effective for treating autism and social anxiety and helps you strengthen relationships with other people
- Is not regulated in some countries
- May not be as neurotoxic as MDMA
- Has more entactogenic properties, making the drug potentially better for therapy than MDMA

How to take 6-APB

6-APB mainly comes in 2 forms: powder and pill form. Taking a pill is not recommended for following reasons:
- The pills are notoriously cut with other drugs that are cheaper to produce (methamphetamine is a common substitute).
- The amount of 6-APB in a pill can vary greatly.

Administration of 6-APB

The substance is either snorted or taken orally. You could also inject 6-APB or plug it but these methods are not recommended. Snorting 6-APB will lead to a faster onset but has multiple risks associated with it. This is why the best way to consume the drug is to swallow it.

Dosage Chart of 6-APB

15 mg = Threshold dose
Surprisingly, this dose seems to have anti-therapeutic effects. This is because it is extremely hard to let go and dive into your traumas on such a low dose.

30-60 mg = Light dose
The high end of a low dose is likely the most effective dose for treating PTSD in therapeutic settings. This is because you are able to relax and face your traumas. However, taking less than that doesn’t have many long-term benefits.

60-90 mg = Regular dose
Counter-intuitively, higher doses aren’t more beneficial when it comes to 6-APB. Once you get over the regular dose, the trauma may become too overwhelming if you are using the substance to heal.

90-120 mg = Strong dose
Such strong doses shouldn’t be taken unless you’re using 6-APB for pure enjoyment.

120+ mg = High dose
If long-term well-being is your priority, never take high doses. The side effects definitely outweigh the benefits at this point.

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