Methylone (bk-MDMA)


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What is Methylone?

Methylone (also known as M1, MDMC, and βk-MDMA) an entactogen of the amphetamine class. Methylone’s effects are extremely similar to those of more popular MDMA. The main difference between the two is that Methylone is more stimulating and less entactogenic. The Methylone trip also has a shorter duration.

How to take Methylone

Methylone mainly comes in 2 forms: powder and pill form. Taking a pill is not recommended for following reasons:
- The pills are notoriously cut with other drugs that are cheaper to produce (methamphetamine is a common substitute).
- The amount of Methylone in a pill can vary greatly.
If you take a pill form, start smaller than you would because you cannot know how much Methylone is in there.

Administration of Methylone

The substance is either snorted or taken orally. You could also inject Methylone or plug it but these methods are not recommended. Snorting Methylone will lead to a faster onset but has multiple risks associated with it. This is why the best way to consume the drug is to swallow it.

Dosage Chart of Methylone

75 mg = Threshold dose: Surprisingly, this dose seems to have anti-therapeutic effects. This is because it is extremely hard to let go and dive into your traumas on such a low dose.
75-150 mg = Light dose: The high end of a low dose is likely the most effective dose for treating PTSD in therapeutic settings. This is because you are able to relax and face your traumas. However, taking less than that doesn’t have many long-term benefits. 150-2250 mg = Regular dose: Counter-intuitively, higher doses aren’t more beneficial when it comes to Methylone. Once you get over the regular dose, the trauma may become too overwhelming if you are using the substance to heal.
225-300 mg = Strong dose: Such strong doses shouldn’t be taken unless you’re using Methylone for pure enjoyment.
300+ mg = High dose: If long-term well-being is your priority, never take high doses. The side effects definitely outweigh the benefits at this point.

Duration of Methylone

- You should notice the first effects within 30 minutes after you take the psychedelic
- You will reach the maximum effect around the 1-hour mark
- The whole trip usually lasts for 3-4 hours
- At heroic doses, your trip may last for even longer
- If you eat before your trip, the substance will take longer to kick in
- Methylone trip can be followed by an afterglow or by a crash (come down). More on these later

What does Methylone feel like?

Methylone’s effects are similar to those of MDMA. The main difference between the two is that Methylone is more stimulating. Even though Methylone is more psychedelic than MDMA, the drug still isn’t nearly as psychedelic as LSD or mushrooms. After you take the drug, your brain releases dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and other “happy chemicals”. This is why the experience tends to be extremely pleasant. On Methylone, it is common to feel extreme euphoria, love, compassion, connection with everything and everyone, and every other positive feeling you can imagine. You will feel like everything is perfect.

Methylone is reported to have lower entactogen effects than MDMA but the difference is not dramatic. People become way more social and talkative on Methylone. Because of this, the drug is a powerful tool for treating social anxiety and even autism.

The downside is that you may share some secrets with people around you that you will later regret. You may also end up in bed with a stranger who has an STD. For those who take Methylone or other entactogens with the purpose of healing their trauma, the experience isn’t always pleasant. In fact, most therapy participants describe the experience as challenging. Methylone can make you anxious but this mainly happens during a come-up. After that, the anxiety usually dissolves.

Other common short-term effects include:
- Higher self-esteem
- Tingling sensation
- Increased creativity and open-mindedness
- Mindfulness, being present
- Higher capability for love and compassion
- Pain relief
- Feeling one with all that is
- Seeing life from a different perspective
- Appreciating small things
- Higher energy
- Increased awareness
- Stamina enhancement
- Feeling your emotions more intensely
- Memory suppression
- Time distortion (time speeds up)
- Visual effects (especially during the offset)

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